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Program Description

MS & PhD program is offered in two major streams of Chemistry.

  1. Applied Organic Chemistry (specialization)
    • Applied Organic Chemistry: (Organic Synthesis, Natural Product and Medicinal Chemistry)
    • Chemistry of Composite Materials
  2. Industrial Chemistry (specialization)
    • Fuel Chemistry
    • Environmental Chemistry

Studies towards MS / PhD in each of these two streams can be undertaken. From each stream.
Four courses are to be taken in first semester and four courses in the second semester. In the third and fourth semesters, a research project is to be undertaken under the guidance of supervisor.
The lists of the compulsory and elective courses of each stream are cited below. The students can take any elective course in consultation with the supervisor in order to acquire the knowledge reference to the research project offered.

Learning Activities (MS Programs)

1. Regular Classes
Regular classes will be held to the taught courses. Duration of the class would be one and
half hour.

2. Research/Review Papers
Student will write at least research or review paper depending upon the research project.

3. Presentation: Two presentations are required: one on general chemistry of related field and one presentation on specific research.

4. Dissertation/Research
The student shall submit a Dissertation/Thesis on the subject of his/her research work.
For MS scholars 6 credit hours are allocated for research and dissertation.

Grading System
Assignments / Quizzes (20%)
Mid Term (20%)
Research/Review paper (15%)
Two presentations (20 %)
Final Exam (25%)

MS Degree Requirement
All MS degree programs are spread over 30 credit hours, required to be completed according to the criteria cited below:
Core Courses: 12 credit hours
Elective Courses: 12 credit hours
Two presentations: 02
Research (Thesis): 06 credit hours

PhD Degree Requirement
All PhD degree programs are spread over 38 credit hours, required to be completed according to the criteria cited below:
Courses: 18 credit hours
Three presentation:  03 (One-general subject chemistry, One-specific topic of applied nature, One-research presentation)
Research (Thesis):  20 credit hours

Course Policy
No tolerance for freeloaders, cheating, or plagiarism- not to defeat the whole purpose.

Honesty, integrity, equity, timeliness, regular attendance, participation, and hard work - key to professionalism and success 

Application and admission

At CIIT the admissions into graduate progams are offered on merit. the merit is determines on the basis of the academic record, GRE/NTS-GAT score and interview.

General Eligibility Criteria 


  • A 16 years degree in any discipline of Checmistry from an accredited institution, with minimum First division (annual system) or CGPA 2.5/4.0 (semester system) and no third division (Annual system) or 'D' grade (semester system) throughout academic career. 
  • NTS GAT (General) with minimum score of 50.

Program Duration:

The duration of studies for MS degree shall normally be, not less than two years and not more than four years.

Course Work:

An MS Scholar will have to complete minimum of 30 credit hours by undertaking 24 credit hours course work from approved Scheme of Studies and 6 credit hours of MS Thesis.



Career prospects

Chemistry has such a wide variety of important applications that it creates constant demand for well-trained chemists in many fields. There are a large number of job opportunities for Chemistry graduates nationally and internationally in the following fields:

  • Industries
  • Health departments
  • Mineralogy department
  • Ministry of Environment
  • Pharmacy  
  • Agriculture and
  •  Teaching Institutes etc